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Former Central Missouri Pitcher Jim Crane Leads Group In $680M Purchase Of Houston Astros

Jim Crane finished his pitching career at Central Missouri State in 1976 with a 21-8 record and a 2.18 ERA. He has since taken that success and translated it into realm of major sports team ownership. Crane led this group to the purchase of the Houston Astros for what is going to become the second-highest price in major league history, $680M. The sale must be approved by Major League Baseball in order for it to be official and that could take anywhere between 30-60 days.

Crane grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Safety from the University of Central Missouri in 1976. He is a member of the UCM Hall of Fame and the baseball field that is home to the Mules in Warrensburg, Missouri is named after Crane.

When asked how he feels about taking over a Houston Astros team that hasn't had a winning season since it reached the World Series in 2005, Crane had this to say. via ESPN.

"The team right now is struggling," Crane said. "I think there's some great talent on the team. I think that can be improved over time. I won't stand here today and tell you it's going to get improved immediately. We're going to have to make some smart moves and we're going to have to ... spend our money wisely."