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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Lebron James Thinks It's Kyrie Irving For The Cleveland Cavaliers

Perhaps no other team in the history of the NBA is more deserving of two top-4 picks in the NBA draft than the 2011 Cleveland Cavaliers. After losing their hometown kid Lebron James to the Miami Heat the Cavs finished the 2010-2011 season with a dismal 19-63 record just three years removed from the NBA finals.

"The decision" still fresh in their minds, what was once a thriving and glowing city of NBA basketball as the "Ohio kid" was destined to take the Cleveland fans past what was only considered to be heartache and pain. "The drive" from John Elway and "The shot" from Michael Jordan is what these fans remember the most. James was supposed to be the guy that gets this town past these painful memories and instead, he adds more fuel to the fire.

The Cavaliers have an opportunity to help get this town past these memories by making quality selections with their two top picks. Kyrie Irving from Duke and Derrick Williams from the University of Arizona are the two most popular names for the number 1 pick. Brandon Knight from Kentucky and Kemba Walker from Connecticut are two other guards along with Irving that are projected as top 6 picks.

The Cavs would have an opportunity to get any of these three guards with the number 4 pick if they pass on a guard at number one. Williams would definitely be in-play for this team depending upon how they rate each of these guards against one-another. Lebron James seems to be happy about Irving being the possible pick for the Cavs.

Whichever path the Cavs decide to pursue with the future of their franchise the initial excitement when those first two players are chosen will be a nice relief for a fanbase that could use some positive news for a change.