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KU and K-State Meet This Weekend With A Spot In The Big 12 Tournament On The Line

The Big 12 conference will take the top eight baseball teams in the league and play their championship tournament in Oklahoma City May 25th-29th. The Wildcats (31-21) and Jayhawks (26-27) are both fighting for that 8th spot in the tournament and the 3-game series this weekend will send one of them to the tournament, and one of them home hoping for some help.

The Wildcats currently sit in 8th place with a 9-14 conference record while the Jayhawks currently sit in 9th place at 9-15. They will begin their series Friday night in Manhattan and the game will be broadcasted locally on MetroSports and Kansas 22 starting at 6:30. The games Saturday and Sunday will be played in Lawrence and will start at 6pm both days.

There is still an opportunity for both of these teams to make it to Oklahoma City but their best chance at making the tournament is to win the series this weekend.