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Good News Finally Breaks In Bryan Stow Assault Case

It is the unsolved crime that shook every sports fan in America. And now some resolution is finally breaking through. The first alleged attacker has been arrested in the Bryan Stow assault case, the violent attack that took place at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Stow, a Giants fan, and two unnamed assailants.

Weeks after the initial attack on March 31, police finally received a tip that led them to the apartment of 31-year-old Giovanni Ramirez. A raid early Sunday morning by an S.W.A.T. team at the apartment complex led to several possible accomplices surrendering peacefully in response to a police megaphone and Ramirez was taken custody during the raid. Police are still searching for the other at-large suspect portrayed in police sketches on billboards around the L.A. area. They're also looking for the woman who helped the two suspects flee the scene.

In total, twenty detectives have worked a total of 6,000 hours to find the attackers with hundreds of tips coming in over the weeks. Total rewards now stand at $250,000 if Ramirez or someone else is convicted of the crimes committed against Stow.