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2011 College World Series Selection Show Set For Monday On ESPN

For those waiting and wondering what the Road to Omaha will officially look like, the countdown finally ends this Memorial Day weekend on Monday specifically when ESPN airs the official selection and seeding of the College World Series at 12:30pm ET/11:30 CT. The Division I Baseball Selection Show will reveal a field of 64 teams set to battle it out and this week's conference tournaments are setting the stage for the moment. 

The CWS kicks off with Regionals on June 3-6 at 16 different sites around the country. Those winners move on to the Super Regionals at 8 more sites from June 10-13. Finally the teams are ready for the official College World Series that runs from June 18-29 in Omaha.

Last year, Ray Tanner's squad from South Carolina won the crown and Louisiana State took the title in 2009, so the SEC has an impressive streak started. South Carolina looks good again, currently at No. 6 overall in the NCAA standings, but North Carolina sits atop the rankings at No. 1 and a varied field can change in an instant over a weekend series.

Tickets can be purchased here and are available in books of 10 tickets for $80.