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2011 NBA Finals Schedule Is Set For Dallas Mavericks And Miami Heat

NBA fans can now relax for a few days and enjoy the Memorial Day weekend before reorienting your schedule for the 2011 NBA Finals. The Miami Heat claimed the spot opposite the Dallas Mavericks last night with their convincing rally in Game 5 against the Chicago Bulls and set the stage for two franchises to clash at just the right time.

Game one of the series kicks off next Tuesday, May 31, in Miami with the Heat playing official host in four of the seven games. The Mavericks enjoy the three middle contests — Games 3 through 5 — in Dallas as needed and both present their share of pros and cons. After all, a three game swing at home can radically change a series, and that’s a long time for a playoff team to face an aggressive crowd. At the same time, if Miami can hold their own, it’s an incredible advantage to close out the final two games of a series at home.

The complete series will be shown on ABC and, if it goes to Game 7, will finish on June 14. The complete schedule is below:
Tuesday, May 31 Mavs vs. Heat 9 ET
Thursday, June 2 Mavs vs. Heat 9 ET
Sunday, June 5 Heat vs. Mavs 8 ET
Tuesday, June 7 Heat vs. Mavs 9 ET
Thursday, June 9 Heat vs. Mavs* 9 ET
Sunday, June 12 Mavs vs. Heat* 8 ET
Tuesday, June 14 Mavs vs. Heat* 9 ET
*If needed