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NCAA Baseball Super Regionals 2011: Big 12 Still Alive For CWS With Texas, Texas A&M

Two of the coveted eight slots are already filled for the 2011 College World Series in Omaha. The chance to be a part of a storied journey is now a reality for the baseball teams of North Carolina and Vanderbilt, and several more hope to join their ranks today in Sunday’s action in the NCAA Baseball Super Regionals round.

Six games are being played today, but Big 12 fans should be watching two of those super regional match-ups very closely. Texas stands even with the powerful Arizona State (whose women just recently took another softball championship) and they play the rubber match today at 7pm ET/6pm CT on ESPN in what should be a stellar third game.

Meanwhile, Texas A&M is up 1-0 against Florida State, a team that’s made it to two of the last three College World Series (missing in 2009). For the Aggies, this would be the first College World Series appearance since 1999 and first under head coach Rob Childress. Expect the Seminoles to realize the pressure and live up to it, creating a great game this afternoon on ESPN (4pm ET/3pm CT).

It’s an uphill battle for the Big 12 overall given the strong ACC and SEC presence in the Super Regionals — not to mention one team apiece already in the CWS — but both Texas teams are in good position heading into Sunday’s games.