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USMNT Defeats Guadeloupe 1-0 in Gold Cup Action; Clint Dempsey Struggles

An eighth minute goal from Jozy Altidore was all the United States needed on Tuesday evening at they defeated Guadeloupe in rather dominating fashion. The final score could and likely should have been much in the Americans favored by there were many missed opportunities on shots on goal that went wide, high, and everywhere in between.

For the match, the United States has a staggering 19 shots, with 10 being on goal, but only found the back of the net just the one time. Meanwhile, Guadeloupe had four shots, none being on goal. Clint Dempsey took eight shots for the U.S., including three on goal but couldn't find the goal. 

On a positive side, the United States came out right away and took advantage of an inferior side, but moving forward the Americans will need to capitalize on more opportunities if they want to go far in the Gold Cup. Defender Steve Cherundolo looked great for the United States and could easily be looked at as having the best overall match for the U.S. side.

With the victory, the United Stats finishes second to Panama in Group C and will advance to a Sunday tilt in Washington D.C. against Jamaica, the first place team from Group B. The American soccer rivals, Mexico, won Group A by scoring 14 goals as they went 3-0 in group stage.