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Vancouver Riots In Wake Of Boston Bruins Winning The Stanley Cup

With last evening’s 4-0 Game 7 victory, the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup over the Vancouver Canucks. While celebrations were certainly taking place in Boston, the scene turned to riots in the streets of Vancouver immediately following the game.

For a city that recently hosted the Winter Olympics, this is certainly startling news for Canadians and Americans alike. In 1994, after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the New York Rangers, similar riots took place.

Cars were set on fire (including police cruisers), windows smashed, fighting in the streets, and looting of businesses were some of the many things that went on through much of the evening. Vancouver police, along with assistance from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police worked well into the night trying to restore order. You can view some pictures and videos of the events here. It really is sad to see so many young fans bring shame to the franchise and the city.