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U.S. Open 2011: Ty Tryon Is Worst Golfer At Open Two Years In A Row

Any updates on major golf championships such as the current 2011 U.S. Open always begins atop a leaderboard and then moves to major names who might fall outside of that leaderboard. For example, any highights of Day Two action thus far would undoubtedly begin with Rory McIlroy’s incredible run thus far and would also mention Zach Johnson (at -4) and then jump to Phil Mickelson as he begins his climb. But what about the bottom? It’s there you’ll find Ty Tryon.

There’s currently no competition for Ty Tryon at the bottom of the U.S. Open rankings as the 27-year-old American currently sits at No. 156 in the rankings at +17 through the better part of two rounds. The next closest is Matthew Richardson at +14, but Tryon’s week has been particularly brutal with an opening round that’s memorable for being consistently bad one hole after the next.

Through the first day, Tryon already experienced some major troubles within the first five holes, with two bogeys and one double-bogey. However, it was on the ninth hole — a long par-five — that Tryon began his streak of 9 straight bogeys, including a double bogey on hole 15, to finish the day at +13. Unfortunately, day two has been about as kind as day one.

Even more unbelievable, perhaps, is that this isn’t even his worst performance yet at the U.S. Open. Last year, Tryon finished 23-over and failed to make the final cut. If anything, Tryon is consistently, albeit in every way a golfer doesn’t want to be.