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U.S. Open 2011: Rory McIlroy, Y.E. Yang Tee Off In Third Round At 3:50 Eastern

After a record setting first two rounds at the U.S. Open, the luck of the Irish is apparently resting comfortably on 22-year-old sensation Rory McIlroy, who is receiving comparisons to Tiger Woods and finds himself the hero of many looking for the next great golfing champion. Perhaps he’d already be in that position had he not suffered the famous meltdown in the final round of this year’s Masters, but the thing that’s also evident from that major performance was that he was in elite enough company to be there in the first place.

Now McIlroy is his own worst enemy as no one is within six strokes of the leader, although Y.E. Yang would beg to differ since anything is possible on these last 36 holes. In today’s third round action, Yang will attempt to chip into that lead and hope that the forces of golf do the rest and keep McIlroy from keeping up such a blistering pace. For McIlroy himself, it’s about staying focused, ignoring the pressure and crowds and simply repeating what’s gotten him to this point.

NBC will carry all of the afternoon action starting live at 2pm and continuing through 8pm Eastern Time. McIlroy and Yang tee off at 3:50pm. You can also see a dedicated live feed on holes No. 10 and 18 at