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Mizzou Shirts For Joplin Top 20K In Sales

A recent Twitter post announces that the support for the Mizzou shirts to support Joplin area victims from the tragic tornado and storms from May 22nd have now exceeded the 20K mark. It’s a remarkable number that shows just how dedicated people across the state of Missouri continue to be for the people of Joplin, Reading and surrounding towns.

For those interested in purchasing a shirt, you can still do so here at this site. The money completely goes to Heart of Missouri United Way, and the shirt reads, "One State. One Spirit. One Mizzou."

In other aid news, the Kansas City Chiefs head down this week with their full front office staff, administration and several coaches and players to bring aid, support and hope to the region. Here’s hoping the efforts continue throughout the rest of the season and year and that aid continues to roll in.