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College World Series: Texas, Taylor Jungmann Take Unexpected Beating From Florida

It’s not that it’s that surprising that Florida won over Texas in the second game of the 2011 College World Series. It’s the fact that the Longhorns ace, Taylor Jungmann was the culprit behind the 8-4 loss. Not that the other Longhorn pitchers did much better, but Jungmann was rung up for five runs and four walks in four-plus innings of work — not what you’d expect from the No. 12 overall selection in the recent MLB Draft.

Four Gators hit doubles and Brian Johnson and Bryson Smith each drove in two to lead a formidable hitting attack that seemed to have Texas pitchers in the hole all evening long. Florida scored in five different innings and Texas could never seem to find a real groove for any consecutive innings in a row. Now, the Longhorns are forced against the ropes for the rest of the tourney in the current format of Bracket Play, which uses a double elimination structure.

Texas now advances to play North Carolina on Monday at 2pm in a must-win scenario, while Florida advances to face Vanderbilt on Monday night at 7pm to see who will enjoy the most cushion for a while.