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Kansas City Chiefs: Week 1 – Going for the 4th down

The Chiefs attempt on 4thdown did not work out as planned. The play-action fake to Jamaal Charles to set up a Tony Moeaki six-yard out-route would have worked if it hadn’t been for Aaron Maybin knocking down the pass from Cassel. AP is sent into a frenzy at this point. Matt Cassel and Todd Haley are once again on the hot seat.

The Buffalo Bills take the ball and drive down to the Chiefs’ 18-yard line. A pressure from Tamba Hali on first down and a pressure from Justin Houston on second down lead to incompletions from Fitzpatrick. On 3rd down the Bills complete a 9-yard pass to the nine yard line but are stopped short on a fantastic tackle by middle linebacker Jovan Belcher. The Bills kick the field goal.

Jamaal Charles and the offensive line take over the game from this point. Marcell Dareus realizes that Brian Waters and Ryan Lilja are not of the same caliber as Lee Ziemba or DeMarcus Love. He plays adequately for the Bills but the Ndamukong Suh comparisons in rookie-impact are over.

The Chiefs go on to win the game 27-16 and AP sees twelve fanposts explaining why Todd Haley should be fired because of his decision to go for it on 4th down. ONE OF THEM IS IN ALL CAPS. Todd Haley slaps that guy.

Close this window and return to Arrowhead Pride for game two against the Detroit Lions.