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Kansas City Chiefs: Week 2 – Audible to a sweep left.

You chose to take the play away from the pressure. It was a good decision because although the coverage and linebackers rolled to the opposite side of the pressure, Charles speed helped him pick up the first down.

The Chiefs get down to the 30-yard line on a couple of completions from Cassel to Jon Baldwin and Dwayne Bowe. But while trying to milk some clock left the Chiefs run into a brick wall that is Suh and the drive stalls after a 3rd down incompletion from Matt Cassel. First and second down went nowhere and there is 2 minutes remaining on the clock. The Chiefs take a 16-10 lead heading into the last two minutes of the game.

The Lions go to their bread and butter when it matters the most and Calvin Johnson, who didn’t have the best game because of Carr’s superb game, get’s the best of the Chiefs corner with a huge 50-yard completion to get the Lions deep into Chiefs territory with under a minute to play.

The Lions throw a sweep to Jahvid Best in the flat and Mike Vrabel is unable to make the play and allows Best to score the winning touchdown with 30 seconds to play.

Mike Vrabel becomes the latest buzz of AP as the same contingent of Chiefs fans that wanted Haley fired before state their opinion again as it’s viewed that Haley, "won’t play the younger, more athletic starters of the future".

Close this window and return to Arrowhead Pride for the next game.