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Kansas City Chiefs: Week 2 – You keep the same play call.

One thing that nobody has ever questioned is Matt Cassel’s toughness. The St. Louis Rams game last year sealed the deal for anyone that was already not in this camp. Cassel decides that he’s still going to throw the swing-pass over the blitz to Jamaal Charles, who will have clean-air in front of him. The reason Cassel does this is simple, he knows he’s going to get creamed, but he also knows that a big play in a defensive-dominated game will most likely change the outcome in the positive for the Chiefs.

The play worked and Matt Cassel got creamed, but Jamaal Charles took the pass 50 yards for a game-sealing touchdown. The Chiefs led 20-10 and never looked back. Matt Stafford got happy feet as Tamba Hali was constantly breathing down his neck in the pass-only situations to finish out the game.

The week after, the Cassel-haters said that he didn’t do anything because Charles is the guy who took the pass 50 yards and Cassel only had to get it in his hands. The Cassel-defenders talked about how this play sealed the game and is one of the little things that goes unnoticed in how Cassel leads this team by doing the things to help them win. Most Chiefs fans are just happy to leave Detroit, and Suh, with a victory and without injury.

Close this window and return to Arrowhead Pride for the next game.