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Kansas City Chiefs Rank No. 11 In NFL Organizational Rankings

The Chiefs climb from No. 18 to No. 11 in the last year.

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Every year, Fox Sports puts together a comprehensive list of NFL teams from top to bottom in what they term their NFL Organizational Rankings. It's an interesting way of looking at why certain teams consistently win (or lose) and what factors are in place to make it so. The Kansas City Chiefs continue to climb year after year since Scott Pioli's arrival from New England, and this year they're on the outside of the Top 10 looking in at No. 11 overall. 

The grades themselves are based upon six factors. As Schein tells it, "We grade each team on six vital categories — owner, quarterback, head coach, front office, coaching staff and intangibles, which include facilities, fan support and public relations." Last year, the Chiefs came in 18th place, so this is a big jump. Schein writes:

The Chiefs at 11? How about that? Look mom, I’m on TV! The Chiefs have four primetime games this year, showing that they are back in business. Scott Pioli is a great general manager. Todd Haley did a great job last year as head coach, but needs to learn not to be so aggressive on fourth down while in field-goal range. And with Charlie Weis out, it is going to be interesting to watch the Haley/Matt Cassel relationship.

The Packers came in at No. 1 overall and holdovers like the Steelers and Patriots continue to occupy top spots year after year. It's difficult to crack the elite organizations of the NFL -- they're cemented in place for a reason. But the AFC West is one of those rare wide-open divisions at this point, giving the Chiefs a real opportunity to establish consistent dominance with the right pieces. The Broncos reinvention (and question marks at the quarterback position), the Chargers horrible recent draft record and the Raiders simply being the Raiders open things up considerably.

Given the Chiefs growth last season and what seems to be another solid draft class to shore up the remaining holes on the roster, things could get really interesting in Kansas City. And this time next year, the hope is that KC can crack the Top 10 as a sign of a successful 2011 NFL season.

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