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Wimbledon 2011: Men's Singles Betting Odds For Nadal, Federer

The Championships at Wimbledon 2011 are finally here, and the favorites according to the betting lines are offering up exactly what you would expect when it comes the overall favorites to win the men's singles title at the All England Croquet and Tennis Club. The top ranked player in the world, Rafael Nadal, is a 2/1 favorite to win the entire event, while Roger Federer is actually tied with him at the same odds.

Some surprise comes a bit further down the list, especially with Tomas Berdych listed so far below everyone else despite being the sixth seed in the tournament. Even more, Berdych was the other finalist opposite Nadal just last year at Wimbledon, showing his ability to compete at such a storied event. At this point, he seems the best longshot to take, but anyone betting against Nadal at this point is already taking the riskiest bet possible it seems.

Men's Singles Odds To Win (according to
Rafael Nadal - 2/1
Roger Federer - 2/1
Novak Djokovic - 11/4
Andy Murray - 5/1
Juan Martin Del Potro - 20/1
Robin Soderling - 28/1
Andy Roddick - 33/1
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga - 33/1
Tomas Berdych - 33/1
John Isner - 50/1
Milos Raonic - 50/1