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Week 4 - You tell Matt Cassel to run up the score

Many fans don't believe there is such a thing as running up the score in professional sports. Some people don't believe it applies to college sports either. It's the "try and stop me" mentality.

Matt Cassel takes the advice you give him and develops a new and improved game plan at half-time to make sure that Jared Allen and the Vikings don't forget this game. The Chiefs come out with a touchdown on their first drive of the second half. It was a nine play 75-yard drive that ended with a Dwayne Bowe 16-yard touchdown catch from Dexter McCluster on a reverse that gets Arrowhead shaking like it hadn't shook before.

Early in the 4th quarter with the Chiefs having a commanding 31-10 lead Matt Cassel drops a screen-pass off to Jamaal Charles on 1st and 10 and Charles gets absolutely demolished by Ray Edwards, who was just waiting for him. Charles lays on the ground for a solid two minutes before getting back up. He's obviously shaken and is being removed from the game.

The prognosis is that he'll be fine but the risk was taken by keeping your best players in the game in an attempt to score as many points as possible. The risk was not worth the reward in this case and you FAN, almost cost your team dearly heading into week five against the Colts.

The Chiefs go on to win this game 31-13 and Charles is shaken, but should be alright to go next week after a few tests are run on his head for any concussion symptoms.

Close this window and head back to Arrowhead Pride for news on the next series.