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Week 4 - You have Shaun Smith handle the dirty business

Shaun Smith earned quite the reputation for the Chiefs' last season as the defensive end was accused on several occasions for grabbing the man-parts of different NFL offensive lineman.

After witnessing Jared Allen take a cheap-shot on our quarterback you could tell Smith was already a little preoccupied in how he was going to go about this retaliation. Luckily he had a fan tell him exactly what he could do to get the attention of the Minnesota Vikings and their new signal-called of the future.

It's a little sad that Ponder is going to take the brunt of the consequences for another players' actions, but hey, that's what being a team is all about. In the middle of the 3rd quarter during a play that saw the receivers get blanket coverage, Ponder thought it'd be a good idea to try and run for a first down. He will immediately regret this decision.

Ponder comes face-to-face and man-to-man with the 'enforcer' and finds himself calling the cadences for the rest of the game in a much higher octave. By the time any of the Vikings players realize what has happened Shaun Smith is already playing to the raucous crowd that enjoyed the defense of its' own quarterback, who is silently looking like he didn't see what just happened from the sideline, but he did.

The Chiefs still go on the win this game but the camaraderie shown in the defense of one player is much stronger than the display of running up the score would have been. Shaun Smith again shows Chiefs fans that a little nastiness is needed on the defensive side of the ball.

Close this window and return to Arrowhead Pride to see what's in store for next week.