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Big 12 Top Exec, Dan Beebe, Trails Other Conference Counterparts In Annual Pay

In most competitive comparisons, the Big 12 Conference falls a little short of other BCS conferences. In that context, it’s not surprising that Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe ranks fourth among his counterparts at other major conferences in annual compensation.

According to an analysis conducted by the Associated Press, Jim Delany, commissioner of the Big Ten Conference, is the highest paid conference executive with total compensation around $1.6 million annually. John Swofford, commissioner of the Atlantic Coast Conference, is the next best paid, receiving $1.1 million a year. Southeastern Conference commissioner Mike Slive ranks third at $1 million annually, followed by Beebe at $997,000.

Larry Scott of the Pac-12 receives $735,000 a year, and John Marinatto of the Big East earns an annual salary of $366,000, according to the AP report.

The figures are based on 2009 IRS returns. The analysis also shows that the top executives in the major college conferences earn much more in total compensation that most coilege presidents.