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Week 5 - You call for the fair catch.

You make the safe play and call for the fair catch. A healthy dose of Jamaal Charles gets the Chiefs into scoring position again on the 9-play 65-yard drive that finds the Chiefs with a 2nd and 4 from the Colts 19-yard line. So many running plays has set up a play-action pass beautifully that finds Jon Baldwin in a jump-ball situation in the back of the end zone. The rookie wide receiver from Pittsburgh wins the battle that Chiefs fans were excited about when he was drafted last April.

The Chiefs now find themselves behind 24-20. Peyton Manning does the Peyton Manning thing and the Chiefs get the ball back with 3 minutes remaining and trail 27-20 after a Vinatieri field goal.

After an incomplete pass to Bowe that just went off his outstretched fingers, the Chiefs run a pair of draw plays to Charles that net 35 yards to get the Chiefs into Indy territory. With under two minutes remaining, on first down Cassel throws a perfect pass to Baldwin, who fights off the first tackler and is on his feet long enough for help to arrive for the Indy defense. The ball is stripped out of his hands in a situation that the young receiver cannot be faulted for his effort, but a situation which the receiver needs to know what the defense is trying to do…strip the ball.

The Chiefs lose and Baldwin learns a valuable lesson.

Close this window and return to Arrowhead Pride for the next game.