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Week 8 - Starting Justin Houston

You've decided to go with the young kid in arguably the most important game of the season. You've made a wise choice my friend. Although Vrabel still gets his fair share of snaps, it's easier for the defense to perform when they don't have as many players constantly shuffling on and off the field for nickel situations. Houston has become a 3-down linebacker and his athleticism is a welcomed-sight for the safeties and other defensive backs that have enough to worry about with Rivers, Gates and company.

Houston is all over the field tipping passes, creating pressure, stopping Ryan Matthews behind the LOS, and frustrating a Philip Rivers who kicks the ball twice in frustration, one ends up being a 15-yard penalty that gets them out of field goal range.

But still, with four minutes remaining and the Chiefs holding a 20-17 lead the Chargers have the ball and a chance to tie or take the lead. A couple of consecutive passes to Vincent Jackson have put the Chargers into field goal range. On 3rd and 7 from the Chiefs 20-yard line Kendrick Lewis makes a fantastic diving play to knock the ball out of Jackson's hands. Nate Kaeding gets ready for a 37-yard field goal.

Right before Kaeding kicks as he is lining up his attempt a Chiefs fan behind the goal posts holds up a sign that says, "This is a playoff game". One quick glance by Kaeding and it was over. The kick hit the snapper in the back of the helmet and the Chiefs win.

Close this window and head back for the Miami game.