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Week 8 - Starting Mike Vrabel

There are many people out there that are of the mindset that you go with experience in the biggest games. You start "The Rocket" (Gary Busey) over Henry Rowengardner-the 12-year old kid that throws 100 MPH, you start Dennis Quaid over Willie Beamen, you start Ed Harris over Rick "wild thing" Vaughn. But at some point you've gotta throw the kid out there and this was one of those times.

The Chiefs have gotten much more athletic over the past two seasons, and athletic linebackers and defensive backs are a must when having to deal with Philip Rivers and crew. Vrabel brings a lot of things to this team but covering out in space against a wide-open pass game like the Chargers have is not a position that he thrives in.

The Chargers design plays that put their guys in space against Vrabel. It didn't go well in the Detroit game in this scenario and it doesn't go well here. Even without Darren Sproles, Jacob Hester is plenty athletic enough to put a couple of moves on Vrabel and he's gone. Two 40+ yard plays, both ending with touchdowns has Haley put Houston in the game but it was already too late.

The Chiefs go on to get blown out at home on Monday Night Football against the Chargers. The only positive out of this game was the hundreds of thousands of dollars that came pouring in from across the country when people got an up-close look at the devastation in Joplin.