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Week 9 - Going for the touchdown

Not only are you going for the touchdown, but you're bringing in the big man to go for it. I'm not talking about Thomas Jones' biceps either. It's not a secret to anyone out there that he is going to get the ball. Shaun Smith rumbles across the field to take the ball from the 1/2 yard line. Matt Cassel is shown in the huddle telling Smith to be quiet.

Obviously Smith scores and the Chiefs take a commanding two touchdown lead. The play wasn't the best thing about Smith entering the game though. A touchdown dance that will undoubtedly become an Internet sensation is displayed to 80k screaming fans in Arrowhead. Not to give it away but the ball, a yard-marker, a Chiefs cheerleader, KC Wolf and a referee were used. Fines will be coming.

The Chiefs end up winning this game by three touchdowns on an Eric Berry interception return for a touchdown when Brandon Marshall refuses to go across the middle again and the ball is sent straight to Berry. On that return Shaun Smith gets to block Richie Incognito, more fines will be coming.