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Brian Waters Called Best Interview In AFC West

It’s Best of the NFL Week at, which means the website’s writers are breaking down every possible category for list purposes — including best interview from each division. The winner of the AFC West? A familiar face and possible name you could guess in Brian Waters.

ESPN’s Bill Williamson writes, “I feel fortunate to cover the AFC West because there are several great talkers in the division. Even better, many of the division’s better players are also some of the division’s best talkers. A notebook can get filled fast in an AFC West locker room. Rivers, Seymour, Nnamdi Asomugha, Champ Bailey, Brian Dawkins and Antonio Gates are all fabulous interviews. But I’m going to go with Chiefs’ Pro Bowl guard Brian Waters as the best interview in the division. He’s the epitome of being a go-to talker. He’s the type of guy who can talk about any aspect of the game and break it down both colorfully and technically. This is one of my cardinal rules: When in Kansas City, stop by Waters’ locker. It’s a must.”