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2011 French Open: Roger Federer Advances To First Grand Slam Final In 2011

While many are talking about a different streak — watching Novak Djokovic aiming for John McEnroe’s record for consecutive victories to start a season with 42 — today’s French Open semi-final between Djokovic and Roger Federer featured an even more impressive one that could stay alive with a win in Sunday’s finale. And as Federer advanced to Sunday’s final against rival Rafael Nadal with a four-set victory over Novak Djokovic: 7-6, 6-3, 3-6, 7-6, it’s clear Federer has the stamina to see it through.

Specifically, Federer has the ability to win another Grand Slam title on Sunday, giving him at least one GS win every year since 2003. No other men’s tennis player has ever had such a streak of dominance. As perhaps the greatest player of all-time, tomorrow’s finale against Nadal sets up an opportunity to erase any doubts about a decline in his career and instead establish a new moment of dominance into a new decade.

Federer has won three of the last four Grand Slam Finals he appeared in, and he has a strong history here at Roland Garros. He won the 2009 French Open after finishing as the runner-up the previous three years. In 2010 he was ousted by finalist Robin Söderling, who eventually lost to Rafael Nadal.

Now that Djovokic’s streak is over, the attention falls once again on the two principal players in men’s tennis. It’s another exciting chapter in what will continue to be one of the world’s greatest modern competitive sagas.

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