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Big 12 Logo Voted To Stay Same For Now

A week ago in this space, it was reported that the Big 12 board of directors was expected to vote in favor of keeping the conference’s current name despite the loss of two member institutions when Nebraska and Colorado leave at the end of this month.

In addition to leaving the current name unchanged, Big 12 officials also announced at the conference’s spring meetings in Kansas City this week that the existing conference logo, featuring the Roman numerals for 12 with a red-ribbon banner over it containing the name of the conference, will remain the same.

"We decided it is best that we don’t try to update out logo at this time," commissioner Dan Beebe said. Among the many factors that were considered, he said, "there were time concerns about instituting a new logo at the 10 member schools. Placing a new logo on fields, courts, scoreboards, uniforms, venues, printed and video materials can be a time-consuming process," the commissioner said.

Beebe did leave the door open, however, for a possible name and/or logo change in the future. "We can take time this year and continue to explore our options, even with some outside of our departments, to determine if an update is still acceptable and worthwhile next year."