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NCAA College World Series 2011: Super Regionals Schedules Announced

The road to the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska is one step closer to complete. Just a few days ago there were 64 teams that dreamed of making that trip to the heartland and now just 16 teams remain. Just two wins stand in their way of making that dream a reality. In eight cities all across the country there are young men that have worked day and night for most of their lives with the hopes of claiming a spot in the College World Series, and to get their chance at a national championship. The super regionals start this weekend in a best-of-three series that has the winner headed to Omaha for the CWS.

Technically there are 17 teams still competing for a spot in the super regional because there is still a regional game yet to be decided between Texas A&M and Arizona that is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. The winner will take on Florida State in the super regional.

Florida (48-16) takes on Mississippi State (37-23) in Gainesville on Friday at 12pm ET, Texas (47-16) takes on Arizona State (42-16) at 7pm ET in Austin, Vanderbilt (50-10) takes on Oregon State (41-17) at 8pm ET in Nashville, and finally on Friday, North Carolina (48-14) takes on Stanford (35-20) at 3pm ET in Chapel Hill.

On Saturday, Virginia (52-9) takes on UC Irvine (42-16) at 1pm ET in Charlottesville, then it's California (35-21) taking on Dallas Baptist (42-18) at 8pm ET. The winner of the Texas A&M (44-19) vs Arizona (39-20) game set for Tuesday afternoon will earn the right to play Florida State (45-17) in Tallahassee on Saturday at 4:30pm ET in the super regional. Finally, South Carolina (48-14) takes on Connecticut (45-18-1) Saturday at 6pm ET in Columbia.