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NCAA Baseball Super Regionals 2011: Texas Holds Big 12 Hopes For Success

As the lone Big 12 representative at the Super Regionals, the Texas Longhorns hold the lone hopes for any level of Big 12 success at the 2011 NCAA Division I Baseball Championship. At this point in the schedule, the Longhorns start Super Regional play this weekend for the chance to enter the College World Series in Omaha beginning June 17.

For now, Texas (47-12) must face Arizona State (42-12) for the chance to get there. They open a three-game set on Friday night at 7:00pm ET on ESPN and play again at the same time and specs on Saturday night. A third game, if necessary, is at 7pm ET on Sunday, which will be played on ESPN2.

As for the series, it’s a classic hitting vs. pitching match-up. Texas holds the pitching advantage with a 2.25 ERA as a team, while ASU is hitting nearly 30 points better with a team-wide .303 batting average. ASU advanced from the Tempe Regional and took out Arkansas, Charlotte and New Mexico in the process. Texas advanced from Austin and defeated Texas State, Kent State and Princeton.