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Houston Astros Want To Follow Royals Approach To Developing Farm System

Everyone wants to be like the Kansas City Royals — at least anything but the major league level. Given the Houston Astros penchant for losing, they’re bound to get their chance to choose as early as KC has in most drafts for the last decade.

A recent article by Ryan Aber takes a closer look at the Astros struggles up and down the farm system. The suggestion is that the Astros want to become like the Royals with a deep, highly-regarded farm system that can feed the major league team with a steady march of prospects — the very scenario that has began this season for the Royals.

"If you look at the concept, I think that’s exactly where we’re headed," Astros director of player development Fred Nelson said.

It will be a long way to go for the Astros given that they’re hurting at nearly every level of their minor leagues for solid players that others consider worthy prospects. They’ve struck out with Jason Castro and J.R. Towles at catcher, and Jordan Lyles is the only prospect touted by major publications.