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Royals Draft Choice Bubba Starling Headed To Nebraska Cornhuskers Conditioning Program

The very reason the Kansas City Royals selected Bubba Starling in the recent Major League Baseball Draft might be the very reason they lose out on him.

Dayton Moore had an incredible opportunity to add a frontline player at No. 5 overall for the Royals, and most assumed he would pass over the question marks surrounding Starling and his commitment to play at quarterback for the University of Nebraska in favor of a seasoned college pitcher -- one who would make a high debut and work his way to the majors rather quickly. Think Mike Leake for the Cincinnati Reds last season or the Arizona Diamondbacks recent selection of Trevor Bauer. But Starling's local ties and incredible five-tool potential provided enough bait for Moore to bite.

But now Starling's multiple options are coming into play with the announcement that he's headed to the Nebraska campus for conditioning workouts with the team. Official practices do not begin until August 6, nine days before the signing deadline before the Royals lose Starling. The possibility of injury and lack of oversight for Starling while at Nebraska might be other causes for concern for the Royals. 

Negotiations such as these often come down to the last minute a la Bryce Harper, and Starling might be playing some contractual chicken with the Royals with a move like this. But you can guarantee this doesn't make anyone within the Royals organization happy whatsoever.