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Week 10 - You start Ricky Stanzi

Ricky Stanzi makes his season debut against the Denver Broncos in a game that has the utmost importance for a Chiefs team that is trying to regain its’ prominence in the AFC.

The good thing for Stanzi in this game is that Marcel Dareus is playing in Buffalo. The Broncos decided to use the second overall pick on a 3/4 OLB to fit their new 4/3 defense, and without the proper defensive lineman. Stanzi is able to hand the ball off to Charles for most of the game while the 2010 No. 1 ranked rushing team in the NFL shows Denver that stopping the run should have been the first priority.

Several fanposts this week on AP breakdown the Showdown between Ricky Stanzi and Tim Tebow. They are both very strong in their respective beliefs and they both are not afraid to speak their minds on those beliefs.

Stanzi plays well, not spectacular but he does the job that was asked of him during this game and it’s just one pass in the 3rd quarter with the Chiefs up by 17 that gives Denver a little hope. He didn’t see Champ Bailey breaking on the pass to Tony Moeaki and he cuts in front for the interception.

Tamba Hali smashes that hope with a “hit of the year” type-sack on Tim Tebow that has a certain Chiefs fan in Canada worried about the Denver quarterback. Tebow is ok and so are the Chiefs. Jamaal Charles runs for 140 yards and two touchdowns against a weak Denver defense. Chiefs win 20-3.