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Week 11 - Putting in on Cassel's shoulders

You would be a Cassel-lover,defender,apologist,etc… Throwing the ball more was the right decision because New England is most-likely not done scoring and we’re already behind by 14.

Cassel does not throw any interceptions and he does get the Chiefs within a touchdown as he drove the team down on two of his three possessions in the 4th quarter. Jon Baldwin caught a 25-yard touchdown pass that brought the Chiefs back in this game.

But then Tom Brady answered with a drive that led to a field goal that gave New England a 10-point lead with 6 minutes to play. Cassel’s next drive got them to the New England 36-yard line with a 4th and 6. Dwayne Bowe drops a perfect pass on a 10-yard curl and the Chiefs turn it over on downs. The Chiefs lose 30-17.

Four posts are written the same night that call for the trade of Dwayne Bowe. Three are written in all Caps and one does not have a single comma or period in the entire post.