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Adrian Gonzalez Leads Matt Holliday Home Run Derby At MLB All-Star Week

The leading AL MVP candidate put his serious skills at the plate on display for the rest of the country outside of Boston (and San Diego) to see as Adrian Gonzalez, the Red Sox’ first baseman, currently leads the early rounds of the 2011 Home Run Derby with 9 home runs in the first round, including his longest shot of 447 yards.

Gonzalez has put up monster numbers in the season’s first half, including 17 home runs and a league leading .354 average and 77 RBIs. While the Sox gave up plenty of potential in the offseason deal with San Diego, it seems that Boston found the offensive cornerstone it was looking for as the career of David Ortiz fades into the eventual twilight.

Matt Holliday is now in second place with 5 home runs, and it’s difficult to picture the Cardinals outfielder making it to the second round. Robinson Cano is up next. Stay tuned here for further updates.