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Rickie Weeks And Jose Bautista Come Up Short Of The Competition

He figured to be a longshot to win the competition, but don’t let that fool you about the power that Brewers second basemen Rickie Weeks has. Coming into the All-Star break, he had 17 home runs for the Brewers. However tonight he posted just three home runs during the first round, with a long of 427 feet.

Jose Bautista, who briefly donned a Royals uniform in 2004, has a major league leading 31 home runs so far this season, but the two-time All-Star only posted four home runs in the first round with a long of just 412 feet, the shortest distance among the competition thus far (for respective longest distances).

It appears as though Adrian Gonzalez has set the high water mark so far, but my two guys to key on in Prince Fielder and Matt Kemp have yet to hit.