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New York's Robinson Cano Wins 2011 MLB Home Run Derby

Robinson Cano continued to surprise many in the final round as he defeated some of the heaviest hitters in the league to win the 2011 MLB Home Run Derby during the All-Star festivities on Monday night at Chase Field.

After finishing second in the first round to Adrian Gonzalez, Cano and Gonzalez tied with 20 home runs in the second round to advance to the finals. In the finals scored were erased and the winner would be the one with the highest score.

Cano, who has 15 home runs this season, hit 12 home runs in the finals to top Gonzalez’s 11. It was quite the upset when you think about Cano’s career high in home runs is 29 and Gonzalez has hit over 30 four time so far in his career.

Cano become the first Yankee to win the Home Run Derby since Jason Giambi defeated Sammy Sosa in 2002.