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Philadelphia Phillies Pitching Is The Early Storyline Of The 2011 All-Star Game

Lancer Berkman of the St. Louis Cardinals collected the first hit of the annual Mid Summer Classic with a one out single to center against Yankees reliever David Robertson of the Yankees who came on to reliever Weaver for the top of the second inning.

However Berkman was caught on the backside of a double play during a strikeout-throw out double play. Robertson struck out Berkman's teammate Matt Holliday before Berkman was caught stealing. He actually beat the throw to second, before sliding past the bag and being tagged by Yankees second basemen Robinson Cano.

Cliff Lee indeed did enter the game for the top of the third inning, to face David Ortiz of the Red Sox. Ortiz and Robinson Cano both promptly grounded out to first basemen Prince Fielder for the first two outs. Tigers catcher Alex Avila then grounded out, as no batter got the ball out of the infield against Lee.

If anything, these first few innings are reminding everyone that the Phillies pitching rotation will be hard to match in the playoffs. With Cole Hamels still on the bench for the National League All-Star pitchers, Philadelphia sure has the horses to go a long way in October.