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2011 MLB All-Star Game Doesn't Have The Same Appeal It Once Had

Taking injuries into account, pitchers who need rest (Justin Verlander), and players who don't want to be there (Derek Jeter), the 82nd Major League Baseball All-Star Game at Chase Field in Phoenix just doesn't seem to have the appeal it once did. With 84 players officially being named All-Stars this year, there are probably even some NBA fans out there laughing at the vast number of players who were named All-Stars this season.

The Midsummer Classic used to be one of the events of the summer, and while many still watch the game, it just doesn't bring up the same feelings. It was a chance for those in American League cities to witness all the great players in the National League and vice versa. With so many interleague games being played these days, combined with the expanded ability to see out of market games via, it has removed the shine the game once had.

While I believe that baseball needs to re-evaluate the All-Star game and interleague play, it doesn't mean it isn't worth tuning on.

The starting pitchers tonight will be Jered Weaver of the Angels facing Roy Halladay of the Phillies. Obviously neither pitcher will see much action, as each team features 13 pitchers, however the National League is only missing two pitchers who will not participate in Matt Cain and Cole Hamels, while the American League will be without eight pitchers, including Kansas City's own Aaron Crow. The Royals rookie reliever is a late scratch from the game because he has taken ill. As a Royals fan it takes the small reason for watching, out of the game completely. Such is life though, because honestly the chances of Crow getting into the game was a longshot anyway.

The American League Starting Lineup-

CF Curtis Granderson Yankees

SS Ansdrubal Cabrera Indians

1B Adrian Gonzalez Red Sox

RF Jose Bautista Blue Jays

LF Josh Hamilton Rangers

3B Adrian Beltre Rangers

DH David Ortiz Red Sox

2B Robinson Cano Yankees

C Alex Avila Tigers

P Jered Weaver Angels

The National League Lineup-

2B Rickie Weeks Brewers

DH Carlos Beltran Mets

CF Matt Kemp Dodgers

1B Prince Fielder Brewers

C Brian McCann Braves

RF Lance Berkman Cardinals

LF Matt Holliday Cardinals

SS Troy Tulowitzki Rockies

3B Scott Rolen Reds

P Roy Halladay Phillies

While I think the American League features the more potent lineup offensively, I like the National League in this game as they have fewer pitchers who are holding out of the game, and they will benefit from having the last at-bat.

The festivities get under way at 7 pm (CST) on Fox.