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Injured Rutgers Football Player Eric LeGrand Continues To Be An Inspiration

Almost one year has passed since the horrific in-game incident last fall when Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand was left paralyzed with a spinal cord injury. I feel it's important to mention the accomplishments the young man had made since the accident, as too often the only off-the-field news that makes the headlines is negative news.

Last week LeGrand let his fans know on twitter than he was beginning to have the ability to move his arms, and today LeGrand posted a picture of himself on twitter, only this time he was standing. Attached to the link for the picture, Eric included the phrase "Standing tall, we can't fall".

I remember watching a football game towards the end of last season, LeGrand happened to be in the booth and they were interviewing him. I can't recall who was playing (that wasn't the point anyway), but LeGrand seemed like a very well mannered young man who was trying to turn his injury into something positive, and he was determined to walk again. Congrats Eric, you are doing what you were determined to do.

You can follow Eric LeGrand on twitter @BigE52_RU and also learn more about Eric and the Eric LeGrand Believe Fund at Rutgers University by clicking here.