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Aya Miyama Scores For Japan As World Cup Final Is Going To Extra Time

Just when it appeared the United States was on their way to their third woman's World Cup title, Aya Miyama scored in the 81st minute as Japan has now knotted the score at one. The Americans got caught up in a bad defensive formation and Miyama was able to put one past Hope Solo.

After the goal, the Japanese clearly found a boost of confidence as they were able to make it some tense moments for the American faithful. In the 90th minute Japan's Mizuho Sakaguchi attempted a shot just left of the goal before the United States came down for one final offensive chance before extra time. But alas 90 minutes was not enough, so we will have 30 more.

As we head into the extra time, the United States will still have two substitutions while Japan has one left to use. The United Stats is 22-0-3 all-time against Japan in woman's soccer, but none of that matters now as none of the previous meetings have ever meant as much as this one.