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Baseball Radio Announcer Quits On Air After Berating Team Owner

In what is apparently one of the odder moments in the history of baseball announcing, an independent minor league team somehow tied with players like Jose Canseco and Joey Gathright has pissed off everyone from the players to the play-by-play man. And Qumar Zaman had finally had enough, as he announced his resignation on the air with a hilarious send-off.

I’m sure the four minute rant was intended to inspire, but it’s one of the more amusing anecdotes to develop in some time. But Zaman demanded payments owed to him and still had to receive it, leading to his leaving. The full transcript is worth listening to, so make sure to check it out. If you cannot, just know that Zaman wants to be “the voice of the voiceless.”

“My problem is I care too much,” he says. “I care too much for the former players, the former coaches, the fan base, the current employees and everyone else associated with the Lake County Fielders.”

“As for me, I’m gonna enjoy my weekend with my friends. Adam, Jerome, Brian, I know you’re all gonna be there Sunday night.” Gotta love the interpersonal nature of this classy goodbye that even begins with “Good night and good luck.” Edward Murrow would be proud.