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Chiefs Dream Offseason Continues With Casey Wiegmann's Latest Announcement

I know, I know, it’s all on paper at this point. But it seems the Kansas City Chiefs can do no wrong. From yet another draft that seems to address several core needs on the roster to the drama-less offseason the team has enjoyed (i.e. not the Pittsburgh Steelers), the Chiefs organization has run as well as possible in the weird offseason that we’ll hopefully forget soon enough. Now with another announcement from last year’s starting center Casey Wiegmann, the Chiefs have another feather in their cap.

The official word came today from Weigmann via ESPN’s Bill Williamson that he’s ready to come back in 2011 if a contract agreement can be worked out with the Kansas City Chiefs. With one brief comment, the interior of the Chiefs offensive line stays intact from last season when the Chiefs led the NFL in rushing. Of course, any such contract has yet to be written up, but the assumption has been all along that it was Wiegmann’s call to make. Now the Chiefs know where he stands, and it should be clear where the team stands as well.

Now, Brian Waters, Ryan Lilja and Wiegmann return to anchor a unit that rushed for over 2,600 yards last season. And for those who worry that the unit could show signs of age, impressive young players can immediately step in, whether that’s recent second round choice Rodney Hudson from Miami or last year’s third rounder Jon Asamoah.

In addition, any worries about Hudson’s transition to the NFL level or about his ability to move from guard to center on a regular basis are quelled with the team’s ability to mentor Hudson along the way. Wiegmann has played 211 games over 14 seasons in the NFL, earning a Pro Bowl spot along the way. While other centers are more celebrated, few players have enjoyed such long, solid careers at the highest possible level — a testament to Wiegmann’s consistency and work ethic.

The free agent season has yet to open up and teams with more flash will garner the headlines. But the Chiefs quietly keep reaping the benefits of the hard work they’ve put in, and Scott Pioli will worry about the headlines that come in January instead.