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The Drama Carousel Involving Tiger Woods, Rachel Uchitel Won't Stop Spinning

From scandal to hush money and now the ability to talk again, the three-ring circus surrounding global golf star and celeb icon Tiger Woods just won’t go away. Just when the PGA thought it had moved on with a new superstar in Rory McIlroy and the feel good winner of Darren Clarke at the British Open, Woods’ former lover Rachel Uchitel opens up the news again, this time with a surprising return.

The report from TMZ is that Uchitel has returned the $10 million given to her to keep quiet. Gloria Allred is at the center of it all as her former lawyer now being sued by the client and the ongoing drama apparently won’t disappear anytime soon.

Today, Uchitel made several statements to TMZ and the entire affair makes me feel a bit like Maury Povich for even going here. But news is news, even when it’s stupid news. Ten million? Take four zeroes and I won’t say a word about Tiger or anything else for that matter.