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Kansas City Falls Behind In Terms Of Pro Sports Titles

On the front page of the SB Nation website, Jon Bois has written an article today titled “Will You Ever Celebrate A Championship? How Sports Towns Have Rewarded Their Citizens".

In terms of pro sports in Kansas City, out of 118 professional seasons encompassing all the major sports in the city, Kansas City has exactly two championships (1.7%). For comparison, our neighbors to the east (St. Louis for those who struggle with geography) wins titles at a clip of 4.1%.

Of the three largest cities, Chicago has the lowest amount of titles, yet they still win 4.3% of the time.

With the success this season of the Pittsburgh Pirates it has made baseball fans in Kansas City even more hungry to get back to the playoffs.

At least the Chiefs appear to be on the right track, and we all know about the infusion of young talent the Royals have in their system. We can only hope that soon again Kansas City can reach the pinnacle in sports.

Let’s just hope it’s not another generation before a third title comes along.