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Kansas City Chiefs Upset Stadium Workers With Latest Announcement

The Kansas City Chiefs recently told their stadium workers that the perks of being able to watch the end of a Chiefs game after their shift is being taken away from them. And the obvious response from the workers is frustration given the longstanding arrangement they’ve had with the team to be able to remain in standing room only areas and take in the final minutes of a NFL contest.

Steve Warner recently told FOX 4’s John Pepitone, “We were told that when we work and we are done, we are to clock out and leave the premises. That’s when everybody was very, very, very upset. knowing that. When we go and work hard at the gates and knowing that it’s hot outside or freezing in January, even during the season, you get your benefit of going and watching the game.”

FOX reports that the union and Chiefs are working to discuss the situation, so perhaps some negative PR will change that back. Either way, it’s an odd announcement at a time when millionaires and billionaires are finalizing their longstanding argument.