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Steve Williams Remains Pissed Off About 'Wasted' Time With Tiger Woods

Whether it’s the women, the rumors, the injuries or the inability to play at his former level, Tiger Woods has endured a harsh two years. And of course, it’s all of his own doing. Yet the one person who has stuck by him this entire time by protecting him, shielding him and standing beside him refusing to say a word is now the one who is on the outs: longtime caddie and friend Steve Williams. And apparently, Williams is none too pleased with the matter.

In a recent interview with Mediaworks, Williams said, ’I’ve basically wasted the last two years of my life." Rick Reilly at ESPN has a great rant against Tiger today and is worth reading in its entirety. However, he does have a gem of a paragraph:

All you are right now is a guy with injury problems, swing problems and monstrous public-relations problems. You’ve lost your wife, your swing, your coach, your caddie, your health and your good name, all in 18 months. You may have roughly $500 million, but you’re running very low on everything else right about now.

If Williams has anything, it’s a great perspective and inside story on an icon that the world apparently can’t stop talking about. That in itself is worth its weight in best-selling books.