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Royals Johnny Giavotella Stays Red Hot For Wrong Team

As we continue to monitor the Johnny Giavotella situation (being that somehow the promising second baseman is still playing at AAA Omaha), it's becoming increasingly difficult to understand -- well, a situation that's never been easy to understand in the first place. It's something we've detailed already, but Giavotella deserves the starting second baseman spot for the Kansas City Royals, and yet he continues to play exemplary baseball at the AAA level.

In his last four games, Giavotella has hit 12-for-21 in last four games, and he now boasts a .340/.394/.485 line overall. Let's make this really simple: Giavotella is hitting .340. Chris Getz is hitting .258. Giavotella's OPS is .879. Getz's OPS is .598. Sometimes a GM's job isn't rocket science.

Of course, I'm not in the man's position. Perhaps someone in AAA still thinks Giavotella has other areas of his game to develop. Perhaps there are allergies in the air in Kansas City that team doctors are still trying to remedy before sending him there. Maybe Getz' parents are best friends with Dayton Moore. Or maybe Moore wants to make sure Giavotella has the best full season by a second baseman in AAA this year. Who knows? But at this point, it's almost laughable that Giavotella isn't joining other promising players in KC in their development together.