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Mario Chalmers Opens Store For Cancer Patients

Former Kansas guard Mario Chalmers, who now plays with the Miami Heat, is rooted as much in his work off of the court as on it. And yet another endeavor by Chalmers to care for those in the community is his latest project, Mario’s Closet.

The new store is for cancer survivors right inside of Lawrence Memorial Hospital and stocks everything from wigs to scarves to prosthetics for those whose image has been affected by the disease.

“I try to do my best on the basketball court so people will remember me, but off the court I try to do as much I can just to interact with the community and give back as much as I can,” said Chalmers. “It ranks number one for me. Even though I do a lot of things for the kids, it’s good to help people out who are surviving from cancer and struggling from cancer in their everyday lives.”