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NFL Free Agency 2011: Chiefs Not Expected To Sign Any Of Top 10 Free Agents

ESPN’s John Clayton has made his list of top available unrestricted free agents now that the dust is clearing on player movement and the schedule for teams to be able to address their rosters. And while the list is littered with both a list of several franchises losing players as well as acquiring them, the Kansas City Chiefs are neither losing nor gaining — at least when it comes to Clayton’s predictions.

It’s understandable that the Chiefs aren’t on the list to lose anyone major. Tamba Hali will need to be signed, but no one expects Hali to be anywhere but Kansas City for this year and well into the future. Other than him, the Chiefs are all locked up in the primary positions — although that won’t be the case next year with both Brandon Flowers and Dwayne Bowe up for free agency in 2012 among others. Still, it’s a nice position for the Chiefs.

On the flip side, Clayton also believes KC will stand pat when it comes to the top 10. That’s a direct conflict to the understanding that the Chiefs will have to spend around $35 million to get up to the new salary cap floor. Nnamdi Asomugha heads the Top 10 free agents list, and while the Chiefs will not be interested in Asomugha compared to other teams, they could be in the mix for a defensive end like Cullen Jenkins of the Packers or a big name receiver like Santonio Holmes.

But the conjecture is just now beginning, so we’re bound to see the Chiefs name float in and out of several other free agent possibilities.